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Critical Illness and Disability Insurance Specialists

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Two heart attacks and a stroke every minute! Every two minutes 5 individuals are diagnosed with Cancer in America. Two out of three men will suffer from cardiovascular disease in their lifetime after age 40 as will one out of two women. While Heart Attacks and Stroke might wait till we’re 40, cancer strikes at any age. Instead of dying, we’re now surviving and our bills are surviving with us.

Critical Illness Insurance pays bills, provides for loss of income, pays mortgages, car payments, and business obligations. This is the now generation product that pays us a capital sum in cash, when we need it the most.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illnesses, Accidents, and life create situations for us where we  find ourselves sometimes unable to work for a period of time and requiring that the bills still be paid, kids still want their allowances, and mom still has shopping to do.

Businesses still have rents and leases to pay, salaries, utilities, carrying costs, insurance premiums, and other overhead expenses that will continue on in spite of our disability. Disability Insurance products help meet these necessary ongoing obligations. Without proper planning, if we die, our survivors pay the price; If we’re disabled, we suffer along with them.

Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance is a financial tool. Life Insurance pays off mortgages, pays rent payments, leases, education expenses, medical bills, and taxes, For business, it can overcome lost profits, pay for salary continuation benefits, and

Life Insurance

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Insurance Products relate to our or our families Standard of living. Proper Planning today can help minimize negative changes in the event of death or disability.